Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Concerned about the nightmare

the Japanese are going through?

You should be. But you also need to be concerned about yourself.
It's not just Japan. For three years radioactive water has been streaming
into the Pacific. For three years Fukushima has been sending massive
amounts of radioactive aerosols over the northern hemisphere. There is
no end in sight and no viable solution on the table and no international
coalition working on it.

It's not just Japan.

Ask your member of parliament for explanations as to why scientists are
not allowed to engage in public debate, why radiation monitoring sites were
shut down in Canada and acceptable levels of exposure were raised when
Fukushima happened, and why they lied to us all when they knew the levels
Canadians were and are being exposed to.

Don't ask. Demand. It is time to grow up. The Pacific may be dead
within six years. If it goes, we go. If there is one thing you need to do in
this life, this is it. Demand answers. Now. 

And if they mention bananas, ask them about strontium, plutonium, and
uranium levels. Be forewarned. Press harder.

This may be all you can do but at least it tells future generations that we tried.

See: enenews.com

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