Monday, December 23, 2013

I lied like Tepco.

I will not continue to write about Fukushima.

In researching the simplest first item on the list of 28 items to discuss, the amount of information out there was overwhelming. My point is simple, you cannot research anything with logic and facts if there are no credible scientists disclosing facts and/or researching the effects of radiation. This is true for virtually every one of those 28 points.

When scientists had to march on Parliament Hill last year in protests of gag orders in talking to the press or the public then that sends a pretty clear message. If governments and agencies want us to believe everything is fine they will reinstate radiation monitoring sites and give us real-time data. They will unmuffle the scientists and researchers. They will test for isotopes other than caesium and iodine, e.g. plutonium and strontium and a few of the other 400 isotopes or more that likely drifted over the northern hemisphere. Until they do that they leave the public trying to discern facts and science from fiction.

Research the topic yourself. There is nothing I could write that hasn't been written. There is nothing I can say that will make a difference. But there is one thing you need to know. When facts are not there. When scientists are under gag orders. When Tepco has by its own admission  repeatedly lied, the public will find themselves thrown into a world of conspiracy. This is not good. It takes the argument into places it should not be. Queen Elizabeth did not create the earthquake and tsunami; the aliens are not going to save us, and the New World Order people are not deliberately trying to depopulate the planet so they can then take their spaceships to Mars. That of course is only my opinion. To each his/her own. I believe time spent debating these kinds of things is at best wasted and at worst a diversion from what MUST be publicly discussed.

Fukushima and what it may mean is pure science, logic and facts. That in and of itself is enough to tell us we're in a heap of trouble. Even if Queen Elizabeth conspired to kill off the planet, now is not the time for punitive action. We haven't got time to seek out the guilty. We must ban together to find the facts out and mitigate what damages we may or may not be facing.

If nothing else, understand that the explosion and results of Fukushima scientifically were the equivalent to 71,000 Hiroshima bombs. It was at a level far far beyond Chernobyl. This is fact. What that means needs to be told to us by those that in the position to do so. There is no excuse not to. Watch the video I posted below. There are facts there.

Ask your Member of Parliament why they have not reinstated the monitoring of radiation and why they will not allow scientists to speak publicly, take questions or engage in public debate. That's what you can do. Until you have some straight answers.

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