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There are so many websites and forums about Fukushima it is overwhelming. Reading comments however from most people for those of us who have followed this largest disaster (ongoing) in human history and have researched it... we have found some things get old pretty fast. We do not have time to reinvent the wheel or teach even the basics anymore. It is time to get up to speed on this.

So, yes, I am the author of this. Before you post about Fukushima, read it. It might help.

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Before you post about Fukushima

You know we need a permanent thread for Fukushima that says, if you are going to post about Fukushima please note the following:

1) The Godzilla joke is old.
2) Nuking the place is not a solution.
3) Radiation from bananas is not comparable to man-made isotopes from nuclear plants.
4) The situation is not over and is on-going.... forever.
5) Where there is caesium of this order there is also uranium, plutonium etc.
6) There is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation. It's cumulative.
7) The Fukushima situation is the equivalent of 71,000 Nagasaki bombs going off.
8) Chernobyl pales in comparison.
9) People who think are concerned.
10) People who don't think will benefit from the work of those who do.
11) This is not a movie with a happy ending, or a movie with a sad ending that you can turn off and say it was just a movie. It is real.
12) The people of Japan are under a gag order and are imprisoned for talking about Fukushima.
13) Doctors in Japan are not permitted to tell their patient they are suffering from radiation poisoning.
14) In Canada and the U.S. they turned off the radiation monitoring sites right after Fukushima and raised so-called "acceptable" levels for humans.
15) A mass of radioactive debris is heading for the coastline. 
16) The giant squid picture was a hoax.
17) The two-headed baby whale was not a hoax.
18) The seastars, sardines and now southern pacific oysters are becoming extinct.
19) A sarcophagus such as the one at Chernobyl will not work at Fukushima since much of the contaminated leakage is from underground contamination of the water table flowing into the Pacific.
20) It is predicted at this rate the Pacific will be dead in six years.
21) Isotopes in the ocean do not dilute. They disperse. They remain deadly.
22) Radioactive water has been and continues to flow into the ocean from Fukushima at the rate of 300,000 tons a day
23) GE owns large shares in the mainstream media and GE designed and built Fukushima on a fault line which has historically seen tsunamis
24) There are at least 3 cores that have gone into meltdown to China Syndrome. They don't know where they are. They don't know what will happen. It has never happened before. They built these plants without anticipating this.
25) They don't know what to do with the waste and in fact no nuclear plant has any decent method of disposing of waste. None of them. 
26) 28% of babies born in California since Fukushima have thyroid nodules.
27) 40% increase in infant mortality rates in Western Canada since Fukushima
28) Tepco, a private company running Fukushima has admitted to lying about numbers and has made repeated appalling errors since it began
29) Homeless people, untrained in dealing with this are the main workforce brought in by Japanese mobsters to work at Fukushima
30) The rain in the northern hemisphere has been and is radioactive. We get to live with that until Fukushima is fixed. Radiation is cumulative.
31) Fukushima will never be fixed.
32) Tepco made a profit last year.

There. Now post something about Fukushima.

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