Saturday, January 27, 2018


Dear heavens the adventure today visiting Rogue K way high up and back and beyond civilization where the snow is white and skies are blue and the ice is thick and there are deer and turkeys and red trucks with a skidoo who passed me twice on the same road and I can’t figure out how he/she did that… but never mind all that.

I was actually there to visit the three dogs and two cats I met for they were exceptionally wonderful creatures. So was Rogue K but everybody knows Rogue K is a dear, delightful, kind, loving and wise human being that you know you’ve known your whole life after one cup of tea. I was fed amazing soup and fresh bread and cheese and was spoiled beyond measure! I love Rogue K and not just because she spoiled me but because she is a good human being on this planet who remembers how much a pot of tea can pretty much solve every problem. (Especially tea made in that particular amazing teapot which Rogue K tells me they are all under orders to protect; if the house should catch on fire they are to save the animals and the teapot.) I sincerely believe, although don’t quote me, that she and I have solved pretty much all the problems of Wakefield and Chelsea and at our next session will solve North Korea. At least in our own minds….

The drive up was splendid. Up to Alcove I wondered how it was that the ice that falls in frozen cascades could have the colour of a Mediterranean Sea hot in the sun. That landscape on the way to and indeed where Rogue K lives is magnificent, ripe with the potential of spring and summer and fall colours. It’s plump white sheen was fringed with ochre grasses and grey trees, the startled red of sumacs and the green brush of the conifers.

I was greeted by a lovely gentleman; of wolfish appearance that first came to the side of the door when I had parked and laid his great head in my hands. He is a lovely dog who quietly, gently and graciously led me to the kitchen door where Rogue K had a hug waiting. There is nothing like that in the world of cyberspace.

At Rogue K’s kitchen table I met two lovely old ladies whose white muzzles and tender eyes could make a grown man cry for their simple existence. The cat with the maple leaf nose. What cat has a maple leaf mark on it’s nose! That is madness but there it was. A lovely cat much smaller than the great headed cat that lay napping at the window. A monstrously big-headed cat that!

Outside a woodpecker and bluejays at the feeder. But best of all was Rogue K.

Rogue K has been living there in the farmhouse she grew up in. She has been there off and on over the years. Inside it is a haven of country comfort with lovely knickknacks and a strange blue-water barometer. The stairs from the kitchen to the second floor are worn from generations of use. They remind me of the steps of Notre Dame for some reason. Upstairs the teenage son is entertaining his friend. They are very quiet. As are the animals that come and go around us at the table.

Outside a red barn with new windows and Rogue K tells me how when she was a child her parents would have movies on the second floor of the barn for everyone. They had a projector and couches and she remembers her childhood with great love and fondness. You can see her happy there. The young girl who still has sincere eyes and a gentle heart. You could tell this woman anything and she would still believe in you. She’s that kind of human. She made me feel better and I know she must do this for many people in her life. She fed me macaroons from La Toque in Wakefield. I might have to go to Wakefield more often….

I think Rogue K should run the world. I wish she would. She’d feed us all tea and we’d be fine again.

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