Saturday, January 27, 2018


It is my New Year's Resolution  2018 and depends seriously on others for its realization.

In 2018 I plan to meet the people in my region that I know on Facebook but do not know in person. Being possibly OCD and possibly controlling and likely deeply dysfunctional and self-absorbed and neurotic on all sorts of levels and caustic and sardonic, I'm attempting to do this alphabetically. I am doing this because I have had a very very difficult two years and it was my friends and family (known and unknown) on Facebook that saved my sanity. Facebook is not all bad. Who else would be there for you at 2:00 in the morning when you find a bat in your apartment?

I'm doing this also so I can get away from Facebook and re-find the real world where hugs are not virtual and people can meet your eyes and speak with real voices. There are things to learn in an instant from the tone, the catch, the timbre and vibrancy of real words from real people in person. We cannot lose this. And there are the landscapes we live in. They are better than anything virtual. You can touch and taste and smell and see far horizons beyond the virtual there where the wind goes and the sun shines and the ground crunches underfoot. Landscapes are not transit stations in life, nor are they only for vacation and recreation. They are living entities we belong to.

I am doing this also because I don't want to always be the needy one. I would like to be needed if only for a cup of tea now and then and a kind word, for you all deserve it and it is the least I can offer you.

I am also doing this because although I'm a happy hermit, I miss my George Himself and need the contact now and then of real people otherwise I'll start collecting many many cats and newspapers and possibly those little plastic tabs from bread bags. I'm sure they're going to be useful one day. Without children and with most people around me working during the day, isolation can be a real problem for many of us who are not good at organized events. I used to have random tea parties for my elderly and oddball friends depending on the need and/or crisis of the moment but they have moved on now. I will have to find myself a new set. Please specify your category: Old, Insane, Artist, Exhausted Parent or all of the above. These are the typical types wandering around during the day in our bedroom community I have found. There are a few more "working from home" types though. That's growing.

Now many people have come and gone on my Facebook site but the ones who still stand are the ones I love. Some of them are new though and I have no idea if I love or hate them. I'm walking around them for the moment, eyeing their shenanigans to see if their shenanigans fit with the shenanigans of my other friends and relatives. We are all weird but in a very particular way. None of my friends are diplomatic. They will fight with me and with each other. That is what I love about them.

If you live outside the immediate region, you'll have to come and visit me. And I can already see what is about to happen. You're all going to tell me you're out of the country. So lets just put you in there somewhere. Please PM me? I also know all of you are rebelling at being slotted into a time slot. It's already gone rogue... sigh... I try. I try. Why do I have so many bloody rebels as friends anyway? And... I'm also visiting regular friends in between so don't be getting all possessive. I'm only human! What on earth do all you people want from me! Haven't I given you everything! What more could you possibly want from me! HONESTLY! However... I digress....

February is the month of the "B"s.

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