Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thoughts for my American friends
So it occurred to me that Meryl Streep and Donald Trump are both consummate actors. They're just playing to different audiences.

For the record, yet again: I don't like Trump. I don't like Putin. I don't like Clinton. I actually kinda liked Obama, if only because he was a dreamer and a moral man. I liked Saunders and believe he was the right candidate to give Trump a beating in an election where America clearly was screaming for change.


How is it possible that I woke up in a world where the Democrats have become the war-mongerers and the Republicans peace-makers? Obama is busy poking the bear and the mainstream media is wildly alive with the deeds of "the evil Russians." Democrats, mostly urban mostly educated, are in a state of pure hysteria bordering on embarrassing at best, fear-mongering at worst. They have completely alienated half the country. Because half the country voted for Trump. Who do they think these people are who did so? Aliens from another planet? Mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging illiterate morons? No. They're your neighbours. They are for the most part normal human beings. Have you not met them?

Sometimes people lose elections. It happens. People aren't happy. But the decent thing to do is allow a peaceful transition of power because that is the way of Democracy. The army of vitriolic words and accusations out there are anything but peaceful. They are the kinds of words that start revolutions. Don't ya think we ought to give the democratic process a fighting chance first? The man isn't even in office yet. Has yet to attempt to enact a single law or make any decision as President.

Colin Powell stood up in front of the UN (i think it was) and said 16 intelligence agencies agreed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They didn't. Many people lost their lives in an unnecessary war for regime change. Now we are being told 17 intelligence agencies agree "the Russians" waged a propaganda war against Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. We shouldn't have believed Republican Powell but we should believe this Democratic spokesman? Because Hillary, their chosen representative is of such fine moral character and would not lie to people? Because the Americans would never do such a thing themselves? They don't hack, spy or attempt to change regimes right?

In a leaked speech/email by well-paid Clinton to banKsters, she is quoted as saying she longed for the old days when America could covertly act militarily without press interference. And meanwhile, on the mainstream news we hear all sorts of things about Syria. The only thing is, there were no reporters on the ground giving the reports. No reporters. How does that work?

Yep. It's surreal alright.

Chill. Just chill. In the coming days you may find you were right. You may find you were wrong. But you are Americans first. Be there for each other. You only will have each other. There are even bigger things to worry about and you're going to need each other.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to Hollywood North. We'll be taking in American Actor refugees by the looks of it. Unless New Zealand gets them all. They have the nice weather.

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